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Sweater Weather

The Neighbourhood

Album I Love You.

Sweater Weather” is the stand out 2013 single from alternative indie-pop American band The Neighbourhood and their debut album “I Love You.“, which was released in mid 2013.

Sweater Weather” was the lead single from the debut album, and is one of The Neighbourhood’s most popular and well-loved songs. It also is the first song that the band wrote as a group. Lyrically, the song details a physical encounter with a lover, and the connection and intimacy that can be created between two people. Speaking to, frontman Jesse Rutherford spoke about the song and its effect on the band:

[Sweater Weather] has done so much for us and it’s a super solid song, but it was the first one we wrote. We have grown a lot and have gotten our sound more locked in since that song. It still feels right alongside all the other songs but it definitely is the hardest one to put other tracks around.” 

The music video for “Sweater Weather” was released via The Neighbourhood’s official YouTube channel on the 5th March 2013. Directed by Zack Sekuler and Daniel Iglesias and is shot in grayscale. Members of the group are shown driving around LA in a 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SE, on a rollercoaster at a funfair, lounging in an apartment and walking along a beach. As of late October 2021, the video has over 525.1 million views and a solid 5.6 million likes.

Sweater Weather” is certified:

  • Gold in Denmark
  • Platinum in Australia, Italy, Greece (in streaming numbers) & the UK
  • 2x Platinum in Portugal
  • 3x Platinum + Gold in Mexico
  • 6x Platinum in the US

Read the lyrics to “Sweater Weather” here.

*All information correct at the time of publishing. 

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Release Date

28th March 2012


Jesse Rutherford, Zach Abels & Jeremy Freedman


Justyn Pilbrow



Chart Rankings

- #88 in Belgium - #9, #32, #33 & #68 on various charts in Canada - #42 in Slovakia - #49 on the UK Singles Chart - #14 on the US Billboard Hot 100 - #4 on the US Billboard Hot Rock & Alternative Songs - #3 on the US Billboard Rock Ariplay Chart - #24 on the US Billboard Adult Contemporary - #9 on the US Billboard Adult Top 40 - #7 on the US Billboard Mainstream Top 40

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