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“Supalonely” is the second single from New Zealand native BENEE (Stella Rose Bennett) and her second EP, “Stella & Steve”, which was released in 2019. The track also features vocals from American singer-songwriter Gus Dapperton (Brendan Patrick Rice). “Supalonely” was written Gus Dapperton, BENEE, Jenna Andrews and Josh Fountain, with Fountain and Dapperton also producing the song.

“Supalonely” is an upbeat pop anthem about a breakup with a lover, and dealing with the issues on your own, and being lonely. When the “STELLA & STEVE” EP was released, both BENEE and Gus Dapperton had this to say about the track to NZ Music: “This one is a super self-deprecating song where I just take the piss out of myself being sad haaaa!”, says BENEE. “Then BOOM, Gus Dapperton drops a twist at the end with his funky lil verse.” Dapperton gave his statement, stating that he “loved the beat and BENEE’s vocals! The concept was highly relatable to me on the other side of the spectrum, as being someone who likes to go out more often than not. It was natural and awfully fun to write too.” Recently, Sir Elton John praised the track on his Apple Music show, and also said that BENEE was “an amazing young artist”, as well as complimenting her writing skills.

The music video for “Supalonely” was released on the 4th February 2020, and was directed by ROME. It features both BENEE and Dapperton, but primarily BENEE, shown in a colourful house on her own, roaming around while singing “Supalonely”, as well as singing in a pastel-lit white empty room. For Dapperton’s verse, he is shown inside a vintage TV, singing along to the track with a green background. As if March 2020, the video has 6.1 million views and 349 thousand likes.

Release Date: 15th November 2019

Songwriter/s: Brendan Patrick Rice, Jenna Andrews, Josh Fountain, Stella Rose Bennett

Producer/s: Josh Fountain & Brendan Patrick rice

Label: Republic Records

Music Video Release Date: 4th February 2020

Music Video Director: ROME

Chart Rankings: “Supalonely” reached mainstream charts in 2020, depite being released in November 2019. “Supalonely” has reached the following peak chart positions, at #11 in Australia, #66 in Austria, #63 in Canada, #18 in Ireland, #34 in Lithuania, #17 and #61 on various charts in the Netherlands; #7 in New Zealand, #15 in Norway, #74 in Scotland, #78 in Slovakia, #15 in Sweden, #92 in Switzerland, #39 in the UK, #4 on the US Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart, and #78 on the US Rolling Stone Top 100 chart.

The lyrics to “Supalonely” can be viewed here: LINK

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