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*The copyright for the cover art for the album “HELP EVER HURT NEVER” by the artist Fujii Kaze is believed to belong to the labels, Universal Sigma and HEHN, or the graphic artist(s).

Shinunoga E-Wa (死ぬのがいいわ)

Fujii Kaze


“Shinunoga E-Wa (死ぬのがいいわ)” is the eighth track from Japanese singer-songwriter and musician Fujii Kaze’s debut album “HELP EVER HURT NEVER”, which was released in 2020.

Despite “Shinunoga E-Wa (死ぬのがいいわ)” being released in 2020, the song went viral on TikTok in September 2022, showing the live version of the song as a video advert. Lyrically, “Shinunoga E-Wa” translates to “I’d rather die”, and sees Kaze admit his feelings for a lover that he wants to be with until the end of time, stating that he would rather die than being separated from them.

The live version of the song was uploaded to Kaze’s official YouTube in August 2022. As of the 13th October 2022, the video had over 9 million views.

Read the lyrics to “Shinunoga E-Wa (死ぬのがいいわ)” here.

*All information accurate at the time of publishing.

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Release Date

20th May 2020


Fuji Kaze




Universal Sigma & HEHN

Chart Rankings

- #33 in Japan - #8 in Singapore - #39 in Vietnam - #118 on the US Billboard Global 200 *All chart rankings accurate at the time of publishing.

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