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“ROXANNE” is American singer Arizona Zervas’ hit song, released in October 2019. The track was written by Zervas, Lauren Larue, Jace Jennings and Jacob Greenspan, with producers 94Skrt and JaeGreen also on the track.

“ROXANNE” describes a girl of the same name, who Zervas calls out for along wanting to party and spend her father’s money, as well as describing her behaviour. Zervas has publicly stated that “Roxanne” is a song about a girl I wanted but didn’t need”. Due to the fast success of the track, various record labels started a bidding war over who would sign with Zervas. On the 15th November 2019, Zervas signed with Columbia Records. “ROXANNE” also became the first track by an unsigned independent artist to top the Spotify charts since 2017.

The music video for “ROXANNE” was released on the 12th February 2020, and was directed by Nicholas Jandora. It shows Zervas and a woman who is presumed to be Roxanne, hanging out together in various places, such as petrol stations, restaurants and parties. The video also seems to draw themes and inspiration from Quentin Tarantino’s infamous film “Pulp Fiction”. In 48 hours, the video has received over 1 million views and 52 thousand likes.

Release Date: 10th October 2019

Songwriter/s: Arizona Vervas, Lauren Larue, Jace Jennings & Jacob Greenspan

Producer/s: 94Skrt & JaeGreen

Label: Columbia

Music Video Release Date: 12th February 2020

Music Video Director: Nicholas Jandora

Chart Rankings & Certifications: “ROXANNE” performed extremely well on the charts, ranking highly across the globe, reaching #2 in Australia, #18 in Austria, #13 and #10 on various charts in Belgium; #3 in Canada, #9 in the Czech Republic, #10 in Denmark, #6 in Finland, #27 in Germany, #10 in Hungary, #4 in Ireland, #24 in Italy, #4 in Latvia, #6 in Lithuania, #3 in Malaysia, #5 and #3 on various charts in the Netherlands; #1 in New Zealand, #3 in Norway, #8 in Portugal, #38 in Romania, #13 in Scotland, #2 in Singapore, #78 and #18 in differing charts in Slovakia, #83 in South Korea, #36 in Spain, #9 in Sweden, #14 in Switzerland, #4 in the UK, #4, #12, #5 and two #1’s on the US Billboard charts, as well as #2 in the US Rolling Stone Top 100 chart. “ROXANNE” has received Gold certification in Australia, Belgium, Italy and Spain, as well as Platinum in New Zealand.

The lyrics to “ROXANNE” can be viewed here: LINK

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