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Rise to the Occasion

Climie Fisher

Album Everything

“Rise to the Occasion” is the second track from English pop duo Climie Fisher and their debut album “Everything”, which was released in 1987. “Rise to the Occasion” was written by the duo – Simon Climie and Rob Fisher, with Dennis Morgan credited for songwriting as well. The track was produced by Fisher and Stephen Hague.

“Rise to the Occasion” is a pop song detailing how Climie Fisher will be there for their loved ones no matter what is going on in their life: “your whole world is tumbling down / can’t get your feet on solid ground / looking for someone / someone you know, you can count on”.

There is no music video for the track, or an official upload on YouTube. However, a user named “Climie Fisher – Topic” uploaded the audio in January 2016. As of late June 2020, the video has 10,688 views.

Release Date: 1987

Songwriter/s: Simon Climie, Rob Fisher & Dennis Morgan

Producer/s: Climie Fisher & Stephen Hague

Label: EMI

Chart Rankings: In its year of release, “Rise to the Occasion” charted at #10 on the UK Singles chart, #19 in Austria, #6 in Belgium, #14 in Germany, #1 and #4 on various charts in the Netherlands, #1 in South Africa and #17 in Sweden.

The lyrics to “Rise to the Occasion” can be viewed here: LINK

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