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Please Forgive Me

David Gray

Album White Ladder

“Please Forgive Me” was a 1999 single from English singer-songwriter David Gray and his fourth album “White Ladder”. The track was written by Gray, as well as produced by him, alongside Iestyn Polson and Craig McClune.

“Please Forgive Me” didn’t come from a particular source of inspiration, as Gray stated in an interview that his inspiration for the track came from “nowhere”. The song was featured in the 2001 Irish film “On the Edge”, as well as in the pilot of American TV show “Scrubs”.

The music video for “Please Forgive Me” was released in 1999 and was directed by David Kellogg. The video shows Gray in an alleyway, interloped with shots of a man with sunglasses playing the drums and a woman in a red room. The video was uploaded to YouTube in July 2013, and as of late September 2020, the video has 6.1 million views and 23 thousand likes.

Release Date: 22nd November 1999

Songwriter: David Gray

Producer/s: David Gray, Iestyn Polson & Craig McClune

Label/s: IHT & EastWest

Music Video Release Date: 1999

Music Video Director: David Kellogg

Chart Rankings: “Please Forgive Me” reached peak chart position of #72 on the UK charts in its year of release.

The lyrics to “Please Forgive Me” can be found here: LINK

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