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Album People (Single)

“People” is the 2022 single from Cameroonian American singer Libianca released in December 2022 through K5 and Sony Music Entertainment.

The afrobeats track sees Libianca delve into her personal experiences with Cyclothymia – a mood disorder. Throughout the track, Libianca is extremely honest about her using struggling with her mental health, using alcohol as a crutch. She asks her friends in the track if they have checked on her, or noticed that something is wrong. Libianca opened up about the song’s meaning to the Rolling Stone:

“I had recorded that song during a time where I was at a low […] I was really struggling. Depressive symptoms, harmful thoughts, just trying to push myself through. During a Friendsgiving I was hosting a Friendsgiving at my house, eventually, I was like…I wasn’t feeling the vibes. I went to the bathroom, I cried, tried to pull myself together, and then I came back downstairs. And everyone’s like, “Oh, Libby, you want to take a shot of this Casa?” I’m like, “Yeah, sure, whatever.” So I take the shot. And then I’m just like, okay, you know what? […] So after I took that shot downstairs, I was like, all right, I got to go. So I just left. No one noticed that I left. I just left. I went upstairs to one of the studios and I was like, I have to record something […] I closed my eyes and it just came out really. I didn’t necessarily write it. It was exactly how I was feeling.” 

The music video for the track was uploaded to Libianca’s YouTube channel on the 19th January 2023. As of the 4th April 2023, the video had a total of 47 million views.

Read the lyrics to “People” here. 

*All information accurate at the time of publishing. 

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Release Date

6th December 2022


Libianca Kenzonkinboum Fonji & Orhue Moses Odia


Mage the Producer


K5 & Sony Music Entertainment

Chart Rankings

- #60 in Australia - #61 in Austria - #41 in Belgium - #52 in Canada - #4 in Denmark - #32 in France - #62 in Germany - #46 on the Billboard Global 200 - #3 in India - #6 in Ireland - #5 in Lebanon - #14 in the MENA region - #3 in the Netherlands - #5 in New Zealand - #1 & #12 on various charts in Nigeria - #16 in Norway - #90 in Portugal - #1 in Suriname - #16 in Sweden - #9 in Switzerland - #4 in the UK - #1 on the UK Afrobeats Songs - #1 on the UK OCC Hip Hop/R&B - #2 on the US Billboard Afrobeats Songs - #3 on the US Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 *All chart rankings accurate at the time of publishing.

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