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Peach Pit

Peach Pit

Album Sweet F.A.

Peach Pit first formed in 2016, releasing their debut EP “Sweet F.A” (F.A meaning “f*ck all). From Vancouver, Canada, the group formed when they were in high school. With a indie, summery, jazzy feel to their songs, “Peach Pit” are the latest surf indie band on the scene.

“Peach Pit” (the rack named after the band’s name) is based around summer love, and as the summer comes to the end, so do the romance. The love is compared to a peach, soft, pretty and sweet on the outside, but hard inside like the pit. He refers to her heart as a “rocky heart for breaking teeth”. The narrator also compares the romance with rotting fruit in the chorus: “It’s been a long season through / All this rotting fruit with you”. By the final verse, the narrator asks her “where’d the hours go, when your orange skin began to glow”, again referring to her skin similar to a peach, and how the hours have passed them by.

Release Date: 13th May 2016

Songwriter/s: Peter Wilton, Neil Smith, Mikey Pascuzzi, Christopher Vanderkooy

Album: Sweet F.A (2016)

Chart Rankings / Plays: Over 10 million plays on Spotify, and over 670,000 listeners on Spotify monthly.

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