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A worldwide classic hit originally written by Prince after he broke up with his girlfriend, and lost his mother to cancer at around the same time, and the song is generally about him being in a state of depression and seeing therapists. Prince intentionally used the “2 U” in the title just like he did in other songs such as “I would die 4 U” and “If I Love U 2 Nite.”
Sinéad did shed a real tear In the video. In an interview with the Rolling Stone Top 500 songs issue, she said, “I didn’t intend for that moment to happen, but when it did, I thought, ‘I should let this happen. In another interview with The Daily Telegraph in 2014, O’Connor said that the tear was triggered because she associated the song’s lyrics of love and loss with her mother, who was killed in a car accident in 1985. In the video Sinead appears with a bold head, which was the first time for most people to see her, she shaved her head when she first started recording because she wanted to make a statement and not be known for her beauty. “Nothing Compares 2 U” earned her a Grammy for Best Alternative Performance, but she refused to appear on the awards show in protest of materialism in the music industry. She claimed she hated the fame the song brought her, and that she struggled with the commercialization of her music.
Prince originally wrote the song for a funk band called “The Family”, they released the single in their first and only album but received little recognition. Prince also performed the song live with Rosie Gaines and released it on his 1993 compilations.

Release Date: January 8, 1990

Songwriter/s: Prince

Label: Chyrsalis

Chart Rankings: In the US, the song topped the Billboard Hot 100 charts and the Alternative Songs Charts. The Recording Industry Associations of America (RIAA) certified if Platinum for sales over 1 million copies. In the UK, it was number 1 on the UK Official Charts Company, the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) certified it Platinum for sales over 600,000 copies. ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ was a worldwide hit and topped the charts in several countries around the world including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland. It was certified Double Platinum in Australia, and Platinum in Austria and Sweden. In Germany it was certified Gold.

Artist’s age on Release Date: Sinead Marie Bernadette O’Connor was 24 years old when she released this song.

Cover Versions: Prince & Rosie Gaines – Natalie Lungley – Chris Cornell – Frida Amundsen, and other amateur artists covered this song on Youtube.

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Nothing Compares 2 by Sinead O'Connor

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