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Never Seen the Rain

Tones And I

Album The Kids Are Coming

“Never Seen the Rain” is the third single from Tones And I’s (Toni Watson) from her debut EP “The Kids Are Coming”. Written by Tones And I with production done by Konstantin Kersting, “Never Seen the Rain” is a pop track about the fear of failure and people not changing their routines to make their life more exciting.

In an interview with triple j radio station, Tones And I spoke about her feelings towards “Never Seen the Rain”, saying: “It’s my favourite one, by far. It gives me more freedom to sing in whatever voice I want […] It gives me more flexibility to have fun and be a little bit more myself (in comparison to “Dance Monkey,” which is higher) and I love what it stands for.” Tones And I also spoke about the track to Apple Music: “Splendour in the Grass was a moment where I was like, ‘Whoa, the support is bigger than I thought.’ It’s hard to gauge from Instagram how many people want to rock up and see you play live. Last year I snuck into the festival with a fake ticket I bought on Gumtree. I was sitting there thinking, ‘I’m going to play here one day.’ I didn’t imagine it’d be the year after, and especially not with the kind of response I had. I only released this song a few days before, so to have that many people singing back at me was incredible.”

The music video for “Never Seen the Rain” was released on the 8th August 2019 and was directed by Nick Kozakis and Liam Kelly. The video starts with a shot of rain and Tones in front of a roller-skating shoes, showing different lives of people facing different issues in their life, and resolving them at the end. As of March 2020, the video has 12.6 million views and 130 thousand likes.

Release Date: 16th July 2019

Songwriter: Tones And I

Producer: Konstantin Kersting

Label: Bad Batch

Music Video Release Date: 8th August 2019

Music Video Director/s: Nick Kozakis & Liam Kelly

Chart Rankings & Certifications: “Never Seen the Rain” reached many charts around the world, reaching #7 in Australia and Belgium (as well as #13 in Belgium); #71 in France, #79 in Germany, #21 in Ireland, #22 and #23 in the Netherlands; #36 in New Zealand, #198 in Portugal, #90 in Scotland, #69 in Sweden, #56 in Switzerland and #99 in the UK.

The lyrics to “Never Seen the Rain” can be accessed here: LINK

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    Araceli Torrez

    October 5, 2020 at 10:44 pm

    I love this song so much I can stop lising to it!!!! Favorite Song!!!!

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