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Natalie Don’t


Album Euphoric Sad Songs

“Natalie Don’t” is the fifth song from British artist RAYE and her debut mini-album “Euphoric Sa Songs”, which was released in November 2020, with “Natalie Don’t” being released in July. “Natalie Don’t” was written by RAYE, John Blanda and John Hill, with both Bland and Hill being in charge of production.

“Natalie Don’t” is a pop song that features RAYE begging to a woman named Natalie to not steal her partner. RAYE had described the song as a “modern day “Jolene”, where she had stated that she experienced her friend coming between her and a partner. Speaking to CelebMix, RAYE spoke about the song:

“The track is about that feeling of panic you have when you know you’re losing someone. The song is beautifully hopeless because you know Natalie will do what she wants regardless.”

The music video for “Natalie Don’t” was released on the same day as the single on the 10th July 2020 via RAYE’s YouTube channel. Directed by Fiona Jane Burgess, the video features RAYE in a bedroom wearing different outfits, either one the phone, playing with barbie dolls or dancing. As of mid-January 2021, the video has almost 6 million views and over 78 thousand likes.

Release Date: 10th July 2020

Songwriter/s: Rachel Keen (RAYE), John Blanda & John Hill

Producer/s: Blanda & John Hill

Label: Polydor

Music Video Release Date: 10th July 2020

Music Video Director: Fiona Jane Burgess

Chart Rankings: “Natalie Don’t” reached the peak chart positions of:

– #2 on CIS
– #5 in in Israel
– #16 in Romania
– #1 in Russia
– #35 in Scotland
– #29 in the Ukraine
– #30 in the UK

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