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The Kooks are a British indie-rock band who peaked in 2006. “Naïve” is the fourth single from their 2006 album “Inside In/Inside Out”, as well as their best ever selling single.

“Naïve” tells the story of a girl that has let the narrator down, due to her naivety and lack of maturity. She appeared as a “smiling sweetheart”, and how the narrator hates using the word “naïve” to describe “something so beautiful”. The girl also hates him and is “still out to get me”, and to seek revenge over something that the narrator says happens but never clearly explains what went wrong. The song made its way round in many UK TV shows, movies and on social media websites. The song also became very popular on blogging style website “tumblr”, with users of the site getting tattoos of some lyrics and making artwork from the mysterious yet painful lyrics of the track.

The music video was released in 2009 and is not on their official YouTube channel but is re-uploaded. The Kooks are at a red-lit club and the lead singer notices and tries to make her way to her in this crowded club, but never reaches her before she leaves. The re-uploaded video has 1.3 million views.

Release Date: 27th March 2006

Songwriter/s: Paul Garred, Hugh Harris, Luke Pritchard, Max Rafferty

Album: Inside In/Inside Out (2006)

Label: Virgin

Music Video Release Date: 16th June 2009

Chart Rankings & Certifications: It went Platinum twice in the UK and Gold in Italy. It also was #5 in the UK Singles Chart and #15 in New Zealand upon its release.

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