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*The copyright for the cover art for the single “Miss You” by the artists Oliver Tree & Robin Schulz is believed to belong to the label, Republic, or the graphic artist(s).

“Miss You” is the remix of the 2020 track “Jerk” from American singer Oliver Tree. It was released on the 5th August 2022 through Atlantic Records.

The song was originally remixed by German DJ Southstar, which caused controversy after the release of Schulz’s remix, as Southstar claimed that the remixes were identical. Southstar took to Instagram to comment on the situation:

“I reworked “Jerk“ by Oliver Tree out of pure admiration for his track and vocals. We cleared the publishing rights with the three authors of “Jerk”, including Oliver Tree, allowing me to release my reworked version of ‘Jerk’ called ‘Miss You’. And contrary to some rumors circulating online, I never sold this rework or my production.” 

After this statement and backlash from fans and artists about the track’s similarities, Schulz manager Stefan Dabruck released a statement revealing that the confusion around the song was “intentional” and that Schulz had originally hoped to create a remix with Southstar prior to his release.

Lyrically, the song is about knowing your worth after leaving a relationship where there was toxicity, and not being treated correctly, as well as your other half not knowing your worth. A sped up version of the track went viral on TikTok.

The official audio video for the song premiered on Oliver Tree’s official YouTube channel on the 5th August 2022. As of the 18th January 2023, the video had a total of 9.9 million views.

“Miss You” is has received the following certifications:

  • Gold in: Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal & Spain 
  • Silver in: UK

Read the lyrics to “Miss You” here.

*All information accurate at the time of publishing. 

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Release Date

5th August 2022


Christopher Comstock, Oliver Tree Nickell & David Pramik


Robin Schulz



Chart Rankings

- #4 in Australia - #10 in Austria - #6 & #19 in Belgium - #28 in Canada - #19 & #21 on various charts in Croatia - #5 in the Czech Republic - #25 in Denmark - #4 in Finland - #23 in France - #12 in Germany - #11 on the Billboard Global 200 - #18 in Hungary - #20 in Iceland - #2 in Ireland - #25 in Italy - #1 in Lithuania - #1 & #5 on various charts in the Netherlands - #6 in New Zealand - #2 in Norway - #6 & #25 on various charts in Poland - #23 in Portugal - #59 in Russia - #4 & #60 on various charts in Slovakia - #41 in South Africa - #37 in Spain - #21 in Sweden - #9 in Sweden - #3 in the UK (Singles, OCC) - #1 in the UK (Dance, OCC) - #84 on the US Billboard Hot 100 - #4 on the US Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs - #31 on the US Billboard Mainstream Top 40 *All chart rankings accurate at the time of publishing.

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