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Man’s Not Hot

Big Shaq

Album Released as a single

In an interview with NME, Big Shaq was asked how he wrote the song, he said: “Boom, basically – everywhere I go I wear my jacket babes – do you know what I’m sayin’? So it’s like, it’s just me telling my story. It doesn’t matter where I am, what I do, whether I’m in the sauna, whether I’m on the beach, whether I’m with my girl at the spa, man’s never hot. It’s that simple. It’s not really a story – it’s a lifestyle.” In another interview with Genius, Big Shaq talked about being asked to take off his jacket wheile on a date, he said: “I don’t take off my jacket for no one. Man was on a date. With a girl. Hot girl. She tried to ask me to take off my jacket. So she can stroke my neck. I said, ‘What the heck do you think this is babes? Man’s not on some romance ting. What do you think this is? Pretty Woman? Think this is what, Scandal? The Office? Power? Who do you think I am? James St. Patrack?'” Big Shaq, also known as Michael Dapaah uploaded a sketch to his Instagram featuring his character Roadman Shaq on May 10, 2017 while “freestyling” to the instrumental of 67 and Giggs’s 2016 track “Let’s Lurk”. Later on July 19, 2017, Dapaah’s freestyle, slightly extended, appeared on episode 6 of the first series of his mockumentary SWIL, when he performed it in front of 67 and Giggs as Roadman Shaq.
A couple of months after, He decide to flip the freestyle into an official song titled “Man’s Not Hot,” which he dropped as a result of the popularity of “Fire in the Booth,” Dapaah performed a slightly extended freestyle on BBC Radion 1Xtra as both characters MC Quakez and Roadman Shaq for the Charlie Sloth-hosted “Fire in the Booth” segment. The freestyle went viral on the internet, gaining millions of views on YouTube and resulting in the creation of many internet memes. In response to the unprecedented popularity, Michael Dapaah changed his character’s name to “Big Shaq” and converted his freestyle into a commercial single called “Man’s Not Hot”, released on Island Records.
A “roadman” is a British slang term for a gangster, who is always wearing a big puffy jacket no matter the weather. Shaq rhymes about keeping your coat on and getting annoyed when people say take it off.

Release Date: September 22, 2017

Songwriter/s: Michael Dapaah

Label: Island

Chart Rankings: In the UK, the song peaked at number 3 on the Official Charts Company and was certified Platinum by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) for sales over 600,000 copies. The song reached the top 10 charts in Belgium and Scotland. In Australia it reached number 28, in Austria 33, in Canada 48, Denmark 21, Germany 26, Ireland 13, Netherlands 20 and in Sweden it peaked at number 15. ‘Man’s Not Hot’ was certified Platinum in Australia and Sweden. In Belgium, New Zealand and Norway it was certified Gold.

Artist’s age on Release Date: Michael Dapaah also know as Big Shaq, Roadman Shaq and MC Quakez was 26 years old when he released this song.

Cover Versions: Annchirisu – JohaH Tululu – Matt Steffanina & JB – Duo Harbatah – Kenny Blaq – Syada & Shilla Amzah – WBTBWB – Alvin and The Chipmunks – Other Youtubers covered this song.

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