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Lovers On The Sun

David Guetta

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Story of Song

It was influenced by spaghetti Westerns. In an interview with Beatport, David Guetta revealed the inspiration for his hit: “It’s a record I produced together with Avicii and my original influence for the track was spaghetti Western movies. There’s an Italian composer who writes the scores for all those movies called Ennio Morricone, so the idea was originally influenced by him. As the track was sounding so Western, it had a bit of an Avicii vibe to it, so when I was in Sweden he called me and I said, ‘Listen, I have this record that I think will be pretty huge but it sounds a little bit too much like you, so do you want to finish it with me?!’” So that’s what we did. He’s really talented and I think the track sounds amazing.”

Release date

Released on June 30, 2014


David Guetta – Avicii – Frederic Riesterer – Giorgio Tuinfort – Michael Einziger.


Parlophone – What A Music

Chart Rankings

US – 2

UK – 1


‘Lovers on the Sun’ topped the UK Singles charts and became Guetta’s fifth number one in the UK. The single also topped the charts in Austria, Finland, Germany, and Hungary. It reached the top charts in Australia, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, India, Lebanon, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, and Sweden. The Swedish Recording Industry Association (known as GLF) certified it platinum platinum. It was also certified double platinum in Italy, and platinum in Australia, Germany, and Switzerland. In Denmark, ‘Lovers on the Sun’ was streamed 2.6 million times and in Spain, 10 million times. It was certified platinum in both countries.

Artist’s age on release date

46 (Guetta), 24 (Avicii), 31 (Martin)

Cover Versions

UMC featuring Hannes Braun (Metal cover) – Damian McFly featuring Facs & Rick – Stephen Cornwell – other amateur artists covered this song on YouTube.


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