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Look Right Through

Storm Queen

Album Released as a single

Story of Song

“Look Right Through” is a Disco/House song that is about the loss of a lover, which can also feel like the loneliness of a person walking the streets in the city. Morgan Geist brought on Damon C. Scott, who sings at a subway stop in New York City, to do the vocals. In the column “They’re Playing My Song” by Bruce Pollock, Damon talked about he was introduced to Morgan Geist through music producer David Levy: he had met on the subway stop, and he began doing work for hire. “I’d go over to his studio in Queens, New York, and he would pay me 50-60 bucks, and I would just sing down certain tracks. When I sang ‘Look Right Through’ in 2010 it was just another song.  It had no special significance to me and it had no special significance to him, either. I did it in two takes and I never thought it sounded the best it could have. I thought it was kind of horrible that he wanted to use that take. He said, ‘Don’t even worry about it.  I’m just putting this stuff down. I probably won’t even make back the money I’m giving you right now’.” Because Damon is a person who sings in the subway, he somehow brings the feeling of urban loneliness to the song even more. Morgan told Viewpoint Magazine in regards to working with Damon that: “I write everything including the lyrics and vocal melodies. I usually do a mock-up with my awful singing, then I send it to him to learn from. However, Damon is a talented improviser and I frequently use his amazing ad-libs. Usually it’s a lot of editing and playing Tetris with the parts since I like to keep Storm Queen stripped down, so I cut and time and arrange his ad-libs afterwards.”

Release date

October 19, 2010


Morgan Geist


Environ – Defected – Ministry of Sound – Ultra

Chart Rankings

“Look Right Through” was first released on October 19th, 2010, but a remix was made in 2012, and the song was re-released with the new remixes on November 3rd, 2013 in Ireland and Britain. The remixed song entered the UK Singles Chart at the number one spot, while also entering the UK Dance Chart at number one on the same date. Besides the UK, “Look Right Through” reached number one in Belgium, and top ten in Euro Digital Songs and Scotland.

Artist’s age on release date

Morgan Geist was 36 years old when “Look Right Through” was originally released

Cover Versions

Very few amateur artists covered this song on YouTube.

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