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Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble

PJ & Duncan

Album Psyche

Story of Song

“Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble”, which was originally released in 1994, was named after the phrase used in wrestling: “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble.” “Rumble” was purposely spelled wrong for the single so that there would be no copyright problems, since the boxing and wrestling announcer Michael Buffer had trademarked the phrase.  The “h” in “rhumble” was also added in as almost a homage to the rhumba dance. PJ & Duncan, who now go by “Ant and Dec”, decided to perform the 1994 song on their new show,Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, and the song quickly moved up the UK singles chart, reaching the top spot.  Ant told BBC Radio 2 that when they “recorded it, we never really thought much about it, it got to number nine.  That’s the one song everybody still to this day is on about, it kinda changed everything for us. I never thought we’d be performing it 19 years later on a Saturday night TV show.” Dec tweeted to fans: “I know the charts have slowed down a bit but taking 19 yrs to get to No. 3 is just plain ridix.”  Proceeds from the re-release of the song go to the charity ChildLine.

Release date

Released on July 11, 1994


Nicky Graham – Deni Lew – Mike Olton


Sony BMG

Chart Rankings

“Let’s Get Ready to “Rhumble” originally reached number nine on the UK Singles Chart as its top number in 1994, but after being re-released in 2013, the song reached number one. The song also reached the top ten in Europe and Scotland.

Artist’s age on release date

Both PJ & Duncan were 18 years old when “Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble” was originally released, and were both 37 when the song was re-released

Cover Versions

Very few amateur artists covered this song on YouTube.

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