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La Di Da Di

Slick Rick

Album La Di Da Di

“La Di Da Di” is considered to be one of the most influential rap songs of all time, paving the way for the future of story-telling rap. According to a TED Talk, “La Di Da Di” has been sampled or referenced in over 500 different songs since its release, by Miley Cyrus, Ini Kamoze, Will Smith, Kanye West and many other artists.

The track features vocals by MC Ricky D (later known as “Slick Rick” and instrumental beatboxing by Doug E. Fresh. The song consists of Slick Rick discussing he does not cause any trouble, and describes his day from waking up in the morning to bumping into ex lovers later in the day.

There is no official music video for the track, however an upload of the full track is available on YouTube, uploaded by a user on the site. The video has almost 8 million views since its upload in May 2009.

Release Date: 13th August 1984

Songwriter/s: Slick Rick (Richard Martin Lloyd Martin) & Doug E. Fresh (Douglas Davis)

Producer/s: Dennis Bell & Ollie Cotton

Label/s: Reality/Fantasy Records

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La Di Da Di by Slick Rick

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