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If You Know That I’m Lonely


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“FUR” are a British Indie pop band. Murray (vocalist) and Harry (guitar) began writing together and realising their passion for creating and performing. When the pair moved to Brighton, they met Tav (bass) and Flynn (drums) and they were added to the band, creating “FUR”. The band have played many festivals and more intimate gigs, and are slowly becoming one of the biggest indie-pop bands in the scene.

“If You Know That I’m Lonely” was released in September 2017, and tells the story. Of a man choosing to isolate himself from others as he feels all he does is mess up and make mistakes. “Mistake after mistake, it’s safer if I distance myself / If there’s a way for me to not do what I have done for so long”, these lines are sung in the first verse of the track and set the tone and story of the song. The chorus consists of the lines “Don’t be sorry, if you know that I’m lonely / I don’t feel like you know me well enough to understand”. It could also be said that the track deals with topic of mental health such as illnesses like depression and anxiety. However, the main feeling off the track is one of intentional isolation by an individual, accompanied by the upbeat bass and guitar, the song is catchy yet genuine.

The music video was directed by Edward Zorab and Jakob Thorhallsson, and uploaded to the band’s official YouTube channel “furbabyfur”. As of Feburary 2019, it has over 5 million views. The music video consists of the band singing in various places such as a forest and a field, having water poured over them from a water can, walking outside and subtitles in a yellow Arial font stating what is being shown on screen, such as “angst” and “moon”.

Release Date: 8th September 2017

Songwriter/s: FUR

Producer/s: Jamie Philokyprou

Music Video Release Date: 20th November 2017

Music Video Director: Edward Zorab & Jakob Thorhallsson

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