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Kiss Me More (ft. SZA)

Doja Cat, SZA

Album Planet Her

“Kiss Me More” is the introduction to the highly anticipated upcoming third studio album “Planet Her” from American singer and rapper Doja Cat, also featuring American singer SZA. “Kiss Me More” marks the singer’s first collaboration, and is a disco-infused pop song written by Doja Cat, SZA, Tizhimself, David Sprecher, Lukasz Gottwald, Rogét Chahayed, Carter Lang, Stephen Kipner and Terry Shaddick; with Chahayed and Yeti Beats in charge of production.

“Kiss Me More” was first mentioned by SZA in March 2021 in an interview with V Magazine, with SZA stating its “a different struct and I’m just excited”. Before the song’s release, Doja Cat spoke to Zane Lowe for Apple Music about the track’s intention: “I wanted to make a song about kissing. I just thought it would be cute. That doesn’t happen too often, but just a song that’s solely about kissing.” The song’s upbeat tempo and ode to kissing more often is sure to make it a staple for the summer 2021.

The music video was released alongside the single on the 9th April via Doja Cat’s YouTube channel. Directed by Warren Fu, the audience are shown the journey of an astronaut (played by Asian-American actor Alex Landi) who has crash landed on a fictional planet by the name of “Planet Her”. Doja Cat and SZA play aliens who provide ambience and beauty to the journey while they watch the astronaut. At the end, the astronaut wakes up in a small glass tube where he is being displayed with other men who had tried to explore the planet before him, while Doja Cat and SZA play a video game. In a few weeks, the video has over 29.3 million views with 944 thousand likes.

The lyrics to “Kiss Me More” can be accessed here. 

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Release Date

9th April 2021


Amala Dlamini (Doja Cat), Solána Rowe (SZA), Tizhimself, David Sprecher, Lukasz Gottwald, Rogét Chahayed, Carter Lang, Stephen Kipner & Terry Shaddick


Chahayed & Yeti Beats


Kemosabe & RCA

Chart Rankings

- #10 in Australia - #38 in Belgium - #48 in the Czech Republic - #18 in Finland - #90 in France - #61 in Germany - #9 in Ireland - #5 in Lithuania - #54 in the Netherlands - #6 in New Zealand - #16 in Norway - #21 in Slovakia - #23 in Sweden - #32 in Switzerland - #10 in the UK (OCC) - #34 on US Billboard Mainstream Top 4

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