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Islands in the Stream

Kenny Rogers

Album Eyes That See in the Dark

“Islands in the Stream” is a song originally by the Bee Gees but was famously covered by country singers Dolly Parton and the late Kenny Rogers. The song was written by the members of the Bee Gees – Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb, with production done by production group Gibb-Galuten-Richardson.

“Islands in the Stream” was named after an Ernest Hemingway novel and originally intended for Marvin Gaye with a more R&B sound. However, it was ultimately changed and made it into Rogers’ 1983 album “Eyes That See in the Dark”. The track is a song that uses islands in a stream as a metaphor for two lovers in love and their experiences that they have to face together.

There is no official music video for the song, but a YouTube user by the name of “paradiseresort” uploaded a video of both Parton and Rogers performing the song live at an event; however the uploader has not provided a date or location for the video. Uploaded in March 2009, the video has 18.1 million views and well over 88 thousand likes.

Release Date: 5th August 1983

Songwriter/s: Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb

Producer/s: G ibb-Galuten-Richardson

Label: RCA Records

Chart Rankings & Certifications: “Islands in the Stream” charted in many countries within a year of its release, charting at #1 in Australia, Austria, Canada, and various US charts; #2 in Ireland, New Zealand and Norway; #3 in Sweden, #4 in Belgium, the Netherlands and South Africa; #7 in the UK, #25 in Germany and #28 in Spain. The track is certified Platinum in Canada, the UK and the US.

The lyrics to “Island in the Stream” can be viewed here: LINK

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