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Backstreet Boys

Album Never Gone

It’s about feeling empty after a breakup. This power ballad marked the return of the boy band and fans welcomed them back, but MTV didn’t. Band member Richardson said: “Fans were calling in to TRL requesting our next two singles. The head of our music marketing told us, ‘MTV said they’re not going to play it. MTV dictates to the audience what is hip and cool.’ That was disheartening.” In another interview with Entertainment Weekly, Richardson explained that by the time they returned with album ‘Never Gone’, they weren’t sure if the industry had a place for them anymore, he said: “When we finally started making the record, none of us knew how we were going to fit back into pop.” The solution was to veer into unfamiliar territory, abandoning their trademark teen-pop sound in favor of adult vocals with a rock edge. The album was a commercial success; it reached number3 in the US selling over 10 million copies around the world. Band member Nick Carter called this song their saving grace, he said: “The label didn’t know what to do with us. But we ended up really lucky with a song called ‘Incomplete’ that didn’t even sound like us. People liked the song for what it was, not for the people who were singing.” Carter also talked about that the band was not operating in the same level of superstardom as their previous two albums, as many radio stations dismissed the rock-inspired incarnation of group. Carter said: “We were still able to tour. We have a loyal following, so we were able to go out even though radio at the time said ‘Fuck you’ in so many words. They gave up on us after ‘Incomplete.'”

Release Date: April 1, 2005

Songwriter/s: Dan Muckala – Lindy Robbins – Jess Cates

Label: Jive

Chart Rankings: In the US, the peaked at number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and reached number 4 on the Adult Contemporary charts. On the US Mainstream Top 40 it was number 8 and on the Pop 100 charts in reached number 6. In the UK, the song was number 8 on the Official Charts Company. Around the world the ‘Incomplete’ reached the top 10 charts in Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. It topped the charts in Australia and Czech Republic.

Artist’s age on Release Date: The boy band was active 12 years when they released this song.

Cover Versions: Dave Winkler & Lorena Kirchhoffer – EXIT EDEN – Jose Canal – Rothmann Music – Renny LcLean – Haunting Confession – Next Phase – Anya May – Laelia – The Voice of Poland – Birger Lukas Eikemo – TRIOMAXIMUM – Aspirin Rose – Mike Stamper – Sabrina – other Youtubers covered this song.

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