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I Will Survive – La La La

Hermes House Band

Album The Album (2002)

In 1994, Hermes House Band from the Netherlands covered “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor, and altered the track. They added “la-la-la’s” to the track, as well as changing the sound to make it more house and more modern.

The music video for “I Will Survive’ was uploaded to YouTube in May 2009, showing shots of the group singing at a party, interloped with shots of people dancing, drinking and throwing bubbles about. As of July 2020, the video has 8.1 million views and 38 thousand likes.

Release Date: 1994

Songwriter/s: Freddie Perren & Dino Fekaris

Producer/s: Hermes House Band

Music Video Release Date: 15th May 2009

Music Video Director: n/a

Chart Rankings: Hermes House Band’s version of “I Will Survive” entered the charts in 2018 in France due to their win at the FIFA World Cup.

The lyrics to Hermes House Band version of “I Will Survive” can be accessed here: LINK

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