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I Can Change

Brandon Flowers

Album The Desired Effect

“I Can Change” is the is the third track from Brandon Flowers (American singer-songwriter) and his 2015 album “The Desire Effect”. The song was written by Flowers, Steve Bronksi from Bronski Beat, Swedish house duo Ingrosso and Hedfors, Lawerence Cole and James Somerville, with Rechtshaid in charge of production.

“I Can Change” contains samples from Bronski Beat and their 1984 track “Smalltown Boy”, but Flowers had originally written the song upon request from Ingrosso and Hedfors for their upcoming album. The DJs were unable to finish the song, so Flowers decided to use it for his second studio album. The song also features a vocal recording from Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys, which taken via a mobile phone recording machine. Speaking to Billboard about the message, Flowers spoke about the collaboration:

“We just talked about it, and we just had this gap in a verse and we needed to stick something in there. We were talking about it being a speaking part, and the greatest musical ‘speaker’ is Neil Tennant! His voice is like no other. I texted him if he would — he didn’t even hear the song or the tempo or anything, I just texted him this line. I asked, will you send us a voicemail of yourself saying, ‘When you’re looking for a change’? And that was it. He sent us a voice memo, and we stuck it onto the track, from the phone. It was done within 20 seconds.”

The lyric video for “I Can Change” was uploaded to YouTube via Flowers’ YouTube channel in May 2015. As of May 2021, the video has over 6 million views and over 42 thousand likes.

Release Date: 5th May 2015

Songwriter/s: Brandon Flowers, Steve Bronski, Lawrence Cole, James Somerville, Axel Hedfors & Sebastian Ingrosso

Producer: Ariel Rechtshaid

Label: Island

Lyric Video Release Date: 21st May 2015

Chart Rankings: “I Can Change” charted at #45 in Belgium, #70 in Ireland & #52 in the UK Singles chart.

The lyrics to “I Can Change” can be accessed here.

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