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“Hu Man” is the 2020 single from South-East Londoner Greentea Peng (Aria Wells), who specialises in neo-soul music. Greentea Peng got her name from her love of green tea, and using British slang term “peng” to describe attractiveness.

“Hu Man” is a slow, soulful song with lyrics that ask the listeners to evaluate identity and being. Greentea Peng explained the meaning of the song in a Facebook post after its release:

“HU MAN produced by my brother Earbuds exploration of self and modern day mans attachment to identity moreover EGO and the journey to dissolving said EGO in the pursuit of unity and oneness. Exploring my own personal battles with mind, with I , with SELF and disguises i’ve formed along the way. At a time, where I feel such an attack on the human spirit, through desensitisation, disconnection and identity politics, HU MAN is my war cry from internal battle fields, calling the Divine Mother to take my head, my man made worries, desires and feelings of separation. In La k’esh Ala K’in I am you you are me, a Mayan saying I encountered during ceremony in Mexico that has sat with me ever since and has accompanied me on my Healing Journey through music and expression and love that reminds me we are all reflections! HU MAN you man! me man ! we man! This song is fully for the collective and I hope u lot get it i’m not that good at explaining myself but hopefully the song will explain itself too u all just how you need it.”

The music video for “Hu Man” was uploaded to YouTube in August 2020, via Greentea Peng’s YouTube channel. Directed by Felix Brady, the video shows Greentea Peng in a beautiful garden, swapping between the city of London, and different people dancing in different environments. As of mid-May 2021, the video has over 2 million views and 61 thousand likes.

The lyrics to “Hu Man” can be accessed here.

*All information accurate at the time of publishing.

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Release Date

4th August 2020


Marco Bernadis, Venna, Jordan Hadfield, Anish Bhatt & Greentea Peng





Chart Rankings

Chart Rankings: “Hu Man” failed to reach mainstream charts, yet the song has over 7.6 million global streams on Spotify. *All chart ranking accurate at the time of publishing.

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