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How Long

Album Voicenotes

“How Long” is the fourth track from American singer, songwriter, producer and musician Charlie Puth and his second studio album “Voicenotes”, which was released in May 2018. “How Long” is a pop-funk track produced and written by Puth, with song writing credits also noting Jacob Kashner and Justin Franks.

“How Long” was first teased by Puth via Twitter back in September 2017, a month before the song’s release. Speaking to radio presenter Ryan Seacrest a day after the track’s release, Puth noted the similarities between “How Long” and “Attention”:

“It was originally supposed to be in E-flat minor… with the theme of ‘Attention’ kinda being a ‘bass’ song, I didn’t want it to be, like, a ripoff of ‘Attention,’ but lyrically, the song is like part two of ‘Attention,’ as far as the story goes. I’ll leave that up to interpretation… n my mind, it had to start out with a bass, but not so much a bass with so much melody, just like a [makes noise], like a walking bassline.”

Puth also spoke to Hollywood Access about who the person in “How Long” was, however Puth has remained very private and simply explained that the song was about an experience in his life that was personal to him.

In a YouTube video series on Charlie Puth’s channel titled “Charlie Puth ‘Voicenotes’ Behind The Song – Part 1”, Puth explained that the making of “How Long” was far from traditional:

“‘How Long’ was the only song that I made on this album entirely on a touring bus. With one broken rocket speaker! It was incredibly hard to mix and make that song because we were shoved in this tiny room in the back of my tour bus. We basically had to make the entire record on a tiny laptop.”

The music video for “How Long” was released on the 19th October 2017 and was directed by Emil Nava. The video shows Puth dancing in a street, while walking on walls and buildings and defying gravity. As of mid-May 2021, the video has over 615 million views with over 4 million likes.

Release Date: 5th October 2017

Songwriter/s: Charlie Puth, Jacob Kashner & Justin Franks

Producer: Charlie Puth

Label: Atlantic

Music Video Release Date: 19th October 2017

Music Video Director: Emil Nava

Chart Rankings & Certifications: After its release, “How Long” charted in many locations around the globe, reaching:

– #8 in Argentina
– #17 in Australia
– #45 in Austria
– #9 & #19 in Belgium
– #24 in Canada
– #40 in Colombia
– #15 in the Czech Republic
– #17 in Denmark
– #70 in Ecuador
– #54 in France
– #42 in Germany
– #12, #15, #18 & #19 on various charts in Hungary
– #18 in Ireland
– #5 in Israel
– #39 in Italy
– #59 in Japan
– #3 in Lebanon
– #7 in Malaysia
– #31 in Mexico
– #16 & #32 on various charts in the Netherlands
– #17 in New Zealand
– #9 in the Philippines
– #20 in Poland
– #22 in Portugal
– #76 in Russia
– #8 in Scotland
– #1 in Serbia
– #18 & #55 on various charts in Slovakia
– #30 in Slovenia
– #15 in Spain
– #44 in Sweden
– #20 in Switzerland
– #9 on the UK Single chart
– #21 on the US Billboard Hot 100
– #13 on the US Billboard Adult Contemporary
– #2 on the US Adult Top 40
– #32 on the US Billboard Dance Club Songs
– #5 on the US Billboard Dance/Mix Show Airplay
– #3 on the US Billboard Mainstream Top 40
– #25 on the US Billboard Rhythmic
– #28 in Venezuela

“How Long” is certified:

– Gold in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, New Zealand, Portugal & Spain
– Platinum in Italy, Poland & the UK
– 2x Platinum in Australia, Canada & the US

The lyrics to “How Long” can be viewed here.

Listen to “How Long” on Apple Music.

Listen to “How Long” on Spotify.

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