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Story of Song

Daniel Stern, AKA DJ Fresh, explained the meaning of the song to CraveOnMusic: “It’s kind of a little bit tongue in cheek in a way. I mean, it’s just quite light hearted, a fun song you know, but it’s kind of a little bit about people jumping on bandwagons,” When asked about choosing Rita Ora for the song he replied: “I wrote the track and was trying to find the right person to sing it. I was in a studio session with some guys that worked with Rita and she was coming in the next day and I was trying to find someone to sing it. It’s in quite a high key, so I tried a couple of people on it already and it just wasn’t working out. They were like, ‘yeah, we’ve got this girl in Rita Ora, we’re not really supposed to talk about her as she has this big deal with Roc Nation and they’re waiting for the right single’ and blah, blah, blah. I saw a YouTube clip of her and I just knew right away that she was the right person partly cos she’s so animated, she has got so much charisma, she’s hot and fresh, everything really that I wanted to be vocal on that song. She came in the next day and demoed it and it sounded amazing. It kind of wrapped up really quickly after that.”

Release date

Released February 12, 2012


Daniel Stein – Sian Evans – The Invisible Man


Ministry of Sound

Chart Rankings

‘Hot Right Now’ achieved success in the UK more than any country. It topped the UK Singles Chart and the UK Dance Charts. It was certified Gold by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). The single didn’t reach the US charts, but reached the top 10 charts in the Czech Republic, Scotland, and Slovakia. In Germany the song peaked at number 28 and in Poland it reached number 22.

Artist’s age on release date

DJ Fresh had been active for 16 years when he released this song. Rita Ora was 21 years old.

Cover Versions

Amateur artists covered this song on Youtube.Pentatonix – Ingrid Michaelson – The Fergies – Sam Tsui – Rita Ora – Right the Stars featuring Karmina – DJ Tiesto (remix) – Philip Philips & Elise Testone (American Idol) – Hayley Williams & fun – Your Favorite Martian – Coheed & Cambria – Karmin – Darren Criss & Matt Bomer (Big Brother) – Walk off the Earth – Boyce Avenue (acoustic) – Aldrich & James – Mayday Parade – Ricky Ficarelli featuring DMF & Kait Weston – Noah featuring Christina Grimmie – Jake Coco & Madilyn Bailey – Chris (Weekly Chris channel) – The Waffle Stompers (ukulele version) – Rudy Currence featuring BC – Diorama – Xiren featuring Stephanie Graham – Beth – Dave Days – other amateur artists covered this song on Youtube.

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