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*The copyright for the cover art for “Hold Me Closer by the artists Elton John and Britney Spears, and is believed to belong to the labels EMI and Mercury, or the graphic artist(s).

“Hold Me Closer” is the latest hit from Sir Elton John and Britney Spears. It marks Spears’ first released in over four years, and her first release since being freed from her 13-year-long conservatorship.

A rework of John’s hits (“Tiny Dancer” (1971), “The One” (1992), and “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” (1976)), “Hold Me Closer” is a house track that details a powerful love connection. On the 26th August 2022, John spoke to The Guardian to discuss the track and why he felt it was important to work with Spears:

“I’m so excited to be able to do it with [Britney] because if it is a big hit, and I think it may be, it will give her so much more confidence than she’s got already […] he’s been away so long – there’s a lot of fear there because she’s been betrayed so many times and she hasn’t really been in the public eye officially for so long…” 

The audio was uploaded to John’s official YouTube channel on the 26th August 2022. In 3 days, the video had a total of 4.1 million views.

Read the lyrics to “Hold Me Closer” here.

*All information accurate at the time of publishing.

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Release Date

26th August 2022


Elton John, Bernie Taupin, Andrew Wotman & Henry Walter


Watt & Cirkut


EMI & Mercury

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