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Story of Song

Wiley’s first solo single is just pure dance and a fun tune. The producer of this single, Rymez, spoke to MTV News about working with Wiley: “I used to work with grime producer Z Dot a lot and we linked up with Wiley in the studio. I featured a few tracks on Wiley albums over the years and came with ‘Heatwave’ most recently. But you get a different Wiley every day. You can get a really happy Wiley, or you can get a really, really bad tempered Wiley. It’s always interesting working with him. He’s very creative and always inspiring. He always has good advice for up and coming people as well, so it was good to work with a legend in the game.

Release date

Released July 27, 2012


Richard Cowie – Dayo Olatunji


Warner Music

Chart Rankings

In the UK, ‘Heatwave’ topped the Officials Charts Company and the UK Dance Charts becoming Wiley’s first ever solo number 1. The British Phonographic Industry Certified it Gold for sales over 416.000 copies. The song topped the charts in Scotland, and peaked at number 8 in Ireland. In Australia, the song peaked at number 31, and made it to number 10 in the Czech Republic. ‘Heatwave’ did not enter the US charts.

Artist’s age on release date

Wiley was 33 years old and Oladayo Olatunji, aka Ms D, was 20 years old.

Cover Versions

Very few amateur artists covered this song on Youtube.

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Heatwave by Wiley featuring Ms D

Wiley - Heatwave feat. Ms.D from fred26 on Vimeo.

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