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Hadal Ahbek

Issam Alnajjar

Album Hadal Ahbek (Single)

“Hadal Ahbek” (“I’ll keep loving you”) is the first ever Arabic song to become a #1 hit across the globe, and it is all thanks to Issam Alnajjar, a young Jordanian who loves to sing and play guitar in his bedroom. The track was released back in September 2020, and was written by Alnajjar himself along with Sara Ihan Ibrahim Shalabi, with production done by Luay Hijazeen.

“Hadal Ahbek” sees Alnajjar use typical Arabic sayings to describe a love that he will never stop loving. The lyric “white is the colour of your heart” in the chorus is a traditional saying that is used to describe a pure heart. Thanks to the infamous app TikTok, “Hadal Ahbek” went viral and Alnajjar’s beautiful and meaningful song has become a hit and upbeat track for many. As of the 15th February 2020, the track had over 17 million downloads.

The music video for “Hadal Ahbek” is a performance video by RushProduction, with Alnajjar singing the song live. Uploaded to Alnajjar’s YouTube in September 2020, the video current has almost 33 million views with a whopping 1.4 million likes.

Release Date: 27th September 2020

Songwriter/s: Issam Alnajjar & Sara Ihab Ibrahim Shalabi

Producer/s: Luay Hijazeen

Label: UMG

Music Video Release Date: 27th September 2020

Music Video Director: RushProduction

Chart Rankings: Over the weekend, “Hadal Ahbek” hit the #1 spot on the Spotify on the United States Viral 50 chart on Spotify, and currently stands at #9 as of Wednesday 17th February.

The English lyrics to “Hadal Ahbek” can be read here:

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