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Story of Song

This is a pop dance rhyme from Roll Deep’s album ‘Winner Stays On’. Band member Manga explained in an interview on Once Upon a Grime: “Good Times’ is one song. The Album has Grime-Hip-Hop, plus loads of other stuff on it. So the supporters that don’t like this are sure to find something they like on the rest of the album. It’s defiantly changed, which is natural thing. When those tunes were made we weren’t thinking ‘we gotta make a Grime classic’, those tunes were just done. That’s how we felt at the time. On that same album we had ‘Shake A Leg’ and ‘Avenue’ too. Those times no one was doing what you would call commercial music. Now it’s the thing to do to chart. If you look at it like this music is a reflection of you and as a person, you grow, so should your music. I’m not going to make the same songs that I made when I was 16. There’s no progression in that. There’s new talent that can make that. Not saying that Grime is young, but the type of Grime, or any music we make, won’t be the same as we would then.” Singer Jodie Connor talked about her part in the song and how she ended up on the track, telling Digital Spy: “I wrote the track with a producer I work with and at the time he was in Manchester, so I sent him through some tracks and he was like, ‘I love it, put Roll Deep on it’. He put Roll Deep on it and got it a deal. The first time I met them was at the video shoot for it. They’re lovely guys and we got on really well.”

Release date

Released April 26, 2010


Wiley – I Atherly – A Ail – R Williams – B Preston – David Dawood – Jodie Connor – Charlotte Kelly


Relentless Records – Virgin

Chart Rankings

UK – 1


JAPAN – 42

This song topped the charts in the UK and became the band’s first ever number 1 single. ‘Good Times’ peaked at number 9 in the Czech Republic, number 21 in Netherlands, number 6 in Slovakia, and number 13 in Ireland. In Scotland, the song topped the Official Charts Company. This single did not enter the US charts.

Artist’s age on release date

The band had been active for 8 years when this song was released.

Cover Versions

No cover versions.

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Good Times by Roll Deep featuring Jodie Connor

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