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James Vincent McMorrow is an Irish alternative rock singer and songwriter. He is also an extremely talented musician, and plays four different instruments: guitar, banjo, drums and keyboards. McMorrow is also known for his collaboration with house music artist and producer Kygo, for their track “I’m in Love”.

“Get Low” is the sixth track off of McMorrow’s 2016 album “We Move”. The track features a slow pop-rock guitar tune, with McMorrow’s soft yet distinct voice matching it. Appearing on the music podcast “SongExploder”, McMorrow states that the story is “about the idea of growing up and moving and change”. From lines such as “heard you’re getting married (get low)”. “bought yourselves a diamond (get low)”, “thought I’d write a novel (get low)” and in the pre-chorus where McMorrow comes to the terms with the fact that “nothing’s ever changing”. While the chorus focuses more on McMorrow singing about a lover’s personality and how even when they smile they’re “still cruel” and how their “heart had no rules”. The song doesn’t seem to have a clear story or follow a particular narrative – just like life itself, which almost makes the song more relatable in some form.

The music video for the track was released in November 2016, directed by David M. Helman. With over a million views, the video is filmed in black and white in a variety of film qualities – from a VHS/older camera model format to a much higher more modern camera quality. It follows a male character wearing a beanie in a range of scenes – train stations, skateboarding with his friends (where at one point he falls and lies down on the floor). There is also the occasional shot of the protagonist looking stressed or concerned and looking at his hands, as well as his skateboard rocking from side to side on its own. The video ends with rapid flashbacks of the protagonist’s day while he sits on his bed with his hand in his hands.

Release Date: 17th August 2016

Songwriter/s: James Vincent McMorrow

Album: We Move (2016)

Genre: Pop, Alternative Rock

Record Label/s: “Vagrant”, “Believe Digital”, “Universal”, “Dine Alone”

Music Video Release Date: 28th November 2016

Music Video Director: David M. Helman

Chart Rankings: N/A

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Get Low by James Vincent McMorrow

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