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Freed From Desire


Album Come into My Life

“Freed From Desire” is perhaps one of the pioneering songs of the Eurodance genre, finding itself being an essential songs in all clubs across the globe in the late 90’s. “Freed from Desire” was sung by Brooklyn-based Italian singer and songwriter Gala, who wrote the track alongside Maurizio Molella and Filippo Andrea Carmeni, with production done by Molella and Phil Jay.

“Freed From Desire” was Gala’s first ever single from her debut album “Come into My Life”, and is an Eurodance anthem discussing the want to be freed from the desire of material possessions and items. Gala insists that she does not care if her love has “got no money, he’s got strong beliefs”, further amplifying the track’s core message of not giving into capitalism.

The music video for “Freed From Desire” was directed by German director and photographer Nina Bittel, and was shot in a sepia tone filter while Gala is chased around by several different men. Since its upload in October 2013, the video has gained 90.9 million views and over 555 thousand likes.

Release Date: 1996, July 1997 (UK)

Songwriter/s: Gala Rizzatto, Maurizio Molella & Filippo Andrea Carmeni

Producer/s: Maurizio Molella & Phil Jay

Label/s: ZYX (Germany), Fact (Netherlands) & Nitelite (Italy)

Music Video Release Date: 1996

Music Video Director: Nina Bittel

Chart Rankings & Certifications: “Freed From Desire” hit the following chart positions from the year 1996 to 1997 in the following locations: #16 in Austria, #1 in Belgium, #7 in Denmark, #17 in Finland, #1 in France, #14 in Germany, #9 in Iceland, #2 in Ireland and Italy, #5 in the Netherlands, #3 in Scotland, #42 in Sweden, #13 in Switzerland and #2 and #4 in the UK. “Freed From Desire” has Gold certification in Italy, Platinum in the UK, 2x Platinum in Belgium and Diamond in France.

The lyrics to “Freed From Desire” can be read here: LINK

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