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Fake ID


Album Foreign Ororo

“Fake ID” is the result of a collaboration between English music producer and DJ Riton (Henry Smithson) and Nigerian singer-songwriter Kah-Lo (Faridah Seriki) and was released in December 2017.

Written by both Riton and Kah-Lo, the track is about having a fake ID and going out underage, and is the second track on their 2018 collaborative album: “Foreign Ororo”. Riton spoke to Clash Music publication in March 2018 about the music video for the track, which was released in March 2018. “We wanted it to look real DIY and show what a typical night out in Lagos is really like, especially for those who might not have ever experienced it before”, Riton explained. Directed by Ademola Falomo, the video features minimal style changes, filmed as if the audience is in the room. Shots of dancing, dive bars and IDs are shown. As of December 2019, the video has over 1.4 million views and over 46,000 likes.

Release Date: 15th December 2017

Songwriter/s: Riton & Kah-Lo

Producer: Riton

Label: Riton Time

Music Video Release Date: 6th March 2018

Music Video Director: Ademola Falomo

Chart Rankings & Spotify Plays: “Fake ID” peaked at #75 in February 2018 on the British iTunes charts, and as of December 2019, the track has 53.8 million Spotify plays.

The lyrics to “Fake ID” can be viewed here: LINK

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