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Everybody Dance


Album Chic

“Everybody Dance” is the 1978 single from American band Chic, released through Atlantic Records as the fourth track on the band’s self-titled debut album.

Written and produced by group members Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, the disco track has an upbeat tune that encourages listeners to dance and enjoy themselves. Speaking in a BBC4 documentary titled “How to Make It in the Music Business“, Nile Rodgers told viewers that the session in which that track was recorded only cost the band $10, which was due to them bribing the elevator engineer not to tell the manager they were in there. Nile Rodgers has also revealed in multiple interviews that the “Everybody Dance” is the song that the group open up live sets with, due to its popularity.

The song has been featured in games such as Grand Theft Auto IV and in the films “Summer of Sam” (1999) and “Days of Disco” (1998). “Everybody Dance” is certified Silver in the United Kingdom.

There is no official music video for “Everybody Dance“, however music YouTube channel RHINO uploaded a video of the group playing the song live to their channel in April 2019. As of August 2021, the video had almost 950 thousand views.

Read the lyrics to “Everybody Dance” here.

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Release Date

April 1978


Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards


Rodgers & Edwards



Chart Rankings

- #45 in Canada - #6 in Ireland - #9 in the UK - #38 on the US Billboard Hot 100 - #12 on the US Billboard R&B - #1 on the US Billboard Dance Club Play

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