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Egyptian Luvr (feat. Aminé and Dana Williams)

Rejjie Snow

Album Dear Annie

“Egyptian Luvr” is the tenth track from Irish artist Rejjie Snow’s debut album “Dear Annie”. The track features vocals from Dana Williams and Animé and was written by producer KAYTRANADA and all singers on the song.

In an interview with, Snow explains the inspiration behind the song, as well as meeting with KAYTRANADA to produce the track:

Genius: Who inspired this song?

Rejjie Snow: To me, this song was supposed to be a song that I could imagine my parents boogieing to, just like a song that I could envision me making in, like, the ‘70s. So I tried to take that same energy to that new funk, and I just linked up with Kaytranada and made it happen.

G: How did the song come together?

RS: Basically, I just had this idea with the song, I had the wrong beat for the song, so I had to kinda text Kaytranada. He sent the beat pack through. This particular beat had a different name at the time, and I just remember it immediately capturing me and taking me to that place that I needed to go to. As soon as I knew the idea for the track, I just said, “Yeah, let’s go. Let’s put it on my album,.” I did my verse, and then we were gonna get Young Thug on the verse, where Aminé is, but he couldn’t do it, unfortunately. Aminé blessed it. I was in such a good space around this time of the track. This was like the last song of the album. It’s good to have this as a single, but it’s also the song that kinda made everything make sense for me.

G: How did you link up with KAYTRANADA?

RS: Me and Kaytranada go way back. He’s always just shown mad love to me, whether it’s on Twitter, or some type of shit like. But we had a song before, in 2013, called “Blakkst Skn.” That’s the first song we made; this is the second one. He’s really dope. He’s somebody I really enjoy working with. Super talented guy, and he just always brings the flavor.

G: How did Dana Williams and Amine wind up on the track?

RS: Dana Williams, I’ve worked with on quite a lot of records. She’s got an amazing voice. And for me, working with her is the same thing. It’s always like text messages back and forth, sending notes to each other and melody ideas. It’s different, but it’s also just like, “If it works, it works.” So, I dunno what it’s like if we got into the studio together, but I reckon the results would still be cool. And Aminé, I wasn’t too hip to his music before the last couple months. I guess when the opportunity to have him on the record came up, I was super-stoked to have that happen. He’s super-sick, and it’s a pleasure to have him on the song.

There is currently no music video for the track, however the audio upload of the song on Rejjie Snow’s YouTube channel has 3.2 million views since its upload in January 2018.

Release Date: 17th January 2018

Songwriter/s: KAYTRANADA (Louis Kevin Celestin), Aminé (Adam Aminé Daniel), Dana Williams & Rejjie Snow (Alexander Anyaegbunam)


Label/s: BMG & 300 Entertainment

Chart Rankings: After a month of its release, “Egyptian Luvr” hit the peak position of #7 on the US Billboard Artist chart.

The lyrics to “Egyptian Luvr” can be read here: LINK

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