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drunk text me

Lexi Jayde

Album drunk text me (Single)

drunk text me” is the 2022 single from 19-year-old musician and singer Lexi Jayde. Signed to Artist Partner Group in 2021. “drunk text me” is Jayde’s first single of 2022, and sees Jayde pour her heart out over an ex-lover.

The song has been trending on TikTok, and is an emotional and vulnerable modern ballad about heartbreak and jealousy. The lyrics detail Jayde’s inner thoughts when thinking about her ex partner, whether they would ever remember her again when kissing someone else, the moment s they shared, and how Jayde wishes the ex-partner would just “drunk text her”, showing emotional vulnerability in perhaps not the most healthy way.

Jayde took to Twitter to share the tune and also stated her thoughts on the track:

“his song is so vulnerable and honest and is straight from my heart. I’m so grateful i was able to take the worst pain and turn it into something beautiful.” 

Lexi Jayde, via Twitter

There is currently no music video for the track, however there is an official lyric video available to watch on Lexi Jayde’s YouTube channel.

Read the lyrics to “drunk text me” here. 

*All information accurate at the time of publishing. 

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Release Date

6th January 2022


Cate Downey, Nick Ruth & Lexi Jayde


Nick Ruth & Alexander23


Artist Partner Group

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