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Story of Song

In an interview with The Sun, Wretch explained how this song came about: “Take my track ‘Don’t Go’, which was, on the surface, a love song. But I actually wrote it about my love for music. At first, when I told people that, they didn’t get it at all but, after a few listens, it clicked. And that’s something that Shakespeare started.” He continued by comparing his hip-hop contemporaries and writing skills to Shakespeare, he added: “Shakespeare was an expert at storytelling, coming up with similes and metaphors. The ability to be speaking about one thing, while actually referring to something else, is one thing that he did brilliantly.” In another interview with Digital Spy, he said: “This third single isn’t the easiest or most obvious choice, but I think it’s starting to connect with people, which is all I want to do really. This type of sound is what I was known for making on my old CDs and mix tapes. I like heartfelt music, but I wanted to initially come out with something for the clubs and festivals.”

Release date

Released August 14, 2011


Jermaine Scott – Rachel Moulden


Ministry of Sound

Chart Rankings

UK – 1



The song topped the UK Singles Chart, Indie Charts and the R&B Charts. In Scotland it reached number 2 and in Ireland it peaked at number 39. The song did not enter the US charts.

Artist’s age on release date

Jermaine Scott Sinclair, aka Wretch 32, was 26 years old, and Josh Kumra was 20 years old when this song was released.

Cover Versions

Amateur artists covered this song on Youtube.

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