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“Cream” is the fourth track off of Prince’s 1991 album “Diamonds and Pearls”. Perhaps one of his most openly sexual and provocative songs, it’s also his last #1 hit after it reached #1 in the US after its release as a single – as well as it being Prince’s only number-one single that was not associated with a film.

“Cream” is an extremely sexual track, with consistent innuendos and smooth slow pop/R&B. In a sexual sense “cream” refers to the act of male sexual excitement and sexual release. In 2004, Prince told MTV “Unplugged” that he actually “wrote the song while standing in front of a mirror”, clearing all suspicions that it may have been written about one concrete sexual experience Prince may have had. With the contrast of lyrics encouraging sexual enjoyment: “Cream / Get on top”, to encouraging and almost motivating his sexual partner: “You’re so good / Baby there ain’t no body better / So you should / Never, ever go by the letter”. The song’s contrast of sweet nothings and honest expression of physical sexual desire is an interesting (and possibly could even be described as a raw) outlook on how sex should be discussed and viewed in contrast to society’s more modest and discreet ways of approaching the topic.

The music video is set in a train station, where women all notice Prince and follow him, and him taking a few by the hand and guiding thee through the train station which has turned into a party – when then turns into a burlesque like stage where Prince performs the song. It was uploaded on his official YouTube channel, however with no credit to the director or producer of the track. It also has over 2 million views, which makes it one of Prince’s less popular tracks.

Release Date: 9th September 1991

Songwriter/s: Prince

Producer/s: Prince

Label/s: Paisley Park, Warner Bros

Chart Rankings: In 1991, it was #37 in Canada, #43 in New Zealand and #66 in the US Billboard Hot 100.

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