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Buried Alive


Album Under Pressure

Story of Song

In an interview with MTV News, Logic said: “When I started writing ‘Buried Alive’, I felt like I wasn’t getting the shine I deserved. I wasn’t necessarily where I wanted to be in the hip-hop world.” In another interview with, Logic explained how it all started: “Dun Deal, who did Hannah Montana, came to my house. He’s a producer. And we just met, and it’s funny because I didn’t know if we’d be able to work together because Migos… And Migos is cool! But that’s not the kind of music I make, [it’s] two totally different worlds. But he came over with his assistant. [He’s a very nice guy, a true gentleman.] And he gave me 20 beats and left because I think he had to go to Trey Songz’ house. So I heard the one beat I thought was incredible, and the drums were dope but for me I wanted something more. So I asked him, ‘Do I have your blessing to make this song my song?’ He was like, ‘Yeah, do whatever the fuck you want.’ All the drums that you hear are mine except for the snare. But the rimshot and kick are mine. All the vocals, that’s my homie Big Lenny. I had him come and say those and I put it in Pro Tools and chopped it up. This is when I discovered ‘you’. And what I mean by that is it’s one of those ad-libs I discovered. It sounds stupid right now, but when you do it over a beat it just gives it a bounce. For me that’s more so Timbaland with the sounds. But this is where I brought in the string players, man. At the end of the record, they come in and it’s very vibrant and grand and large. And it’s a very different tone, but I think that’s where Late Registration inspired all that live instrumentation and me. But, with that, that’s where I input the OutKast influence, with the voice manipulation and making it sound alien. Now that’s just from ATLiens and my love of Big Boi and OutKast. They’d be rapping and it sounds weird and all crazy”.

Release date

Released on October 21, 2014


Hall II – David Cunningham


Def Jam – Visionary Music Group

Chart Rankings

The album Under Pressure peaked at number four on the US Billboard 200 selling 99.000 copies.

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