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Mac DeMarco

Album Salad Days

Mac DeMarco whose real name is Vernor Winfield McBriare Smith IV, is an extremely popular indie rock singer from British Columbia in Canada. His music has been critically acclaimed for its brutally pure and honest lyrics to it’s incredible guitar solos.

“Salad Days”, the album that features “Brother” is arguably some of DeMarco’s best work. All songs were written and recorded in the bedroom of the indie-rock connoisseur’s bedroom in his old apartment in Brooklyn in New York. The album was positively welcomed and loved by music critics and music fans alike, with many critics and music publications such as NME calling it “his best record yet”.

While “Salad Days” features some of Mac DeMarco’s more popular songs such as “Let Her Go”, “Treat Her Better” and “Let My Baby Stay”, which focus more on the topic of love and romance, it’s the easy listening but beautifully twangy guitar ridden track “Brother” that stands out. “Shit!”, is the first line the track opens with, followed by a quick and quirky guitar instrumental. DeMarco lectures listeners about the mundane routine and pattern of a nine to five life. “You’re no better off/ Living your life/ Than dreaming at night”, DeMarco tells listeners that their dreams are better than their reality if the aforementioned is the life they choose to lead. “To take it slowly, brother/ Let it go now, brother/ Take it slowly, brother/ Let it go”, the pre-chorus urges the listener to relax. “Go home, go home/ Go home, go home,” the simple yet effective chorus states. DeMarco also emphasizes that those who choose this way of living are “better off dead/when your mind’s been set/from nine until five”. The track, with DeMarco’s soothing and husky voice, the twangy guitar and simple yet important lyrics about society as a whole, is an incredibly under-valued song – and not just on the Salad Days album, but in terms of all the music Mac DeMarco has released.

Release Date: 6th March 2014

Song Length: 3:32

Songwriter/s: Mac DeMarco

Album: Salad Days (2014)

Genre: Indie rock, psychedelic rock, jangle pop, lo-fi

Label/s: Captured Tracks, Royal Mountain Records, Third Man Records

Chart Rankings: N/A

Music Video Release Date: N/A

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