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Body Like a Back Road

Sam Hunt

Album Yet to Be Titled

Sam Hunt started working on the song with producer Zach Crowell and co-writers Josh Osborne and Shane McAnally in November of 2016. They wrote the song during a trip to Charleston, where they were looking to work without the distractions of being in Nashville. Hunt said: “I wanted to write it because I thought it was a fun song, but I didn’t know for sure if I wanted to put it out. I didn’t want it to come across as objectifying women or be too, to lack depth and just, I don’t know. So, anyway, I had some concerns, but I tried to make it fun to offset any risks of those things happening, which made writing it fun, and I think that came across in the lyric and in the way we recorded it and everything else. When we finally finished it, it finally hit me as ‘Ok. Wait a minute. Maybe I underestimated the potential of this song. I think this could be a fun song and it will connect with folks.’ So, at that point, I was excited to put it out and fortunately folks have enjoyed it.”
Sam wrote this tune after he got engaged to girlfriend Hanna Lee Fowler. In an interview with Ty, Kelly and Chuck on Nash FM, he said: “I connect music to the emotions that come from relationships, so most of the songs that I write are inspired by those circumstances, emotions, feelings, all that kind of stuff. Like a Backroad helped ‘lighten up’ what was shaping up to be a ‘heavy’ sophomore album and the tune was “a lot of fun to write.” I’ve been writing songs over the past, I guess, year and a half, trying to conceptualize a new record and it kinda started taking a heavy direction, and I sat down at one point and was like, ‘OK, I’m gonna lighten this up a little bit, it needs a lighter flair. Body Like a Back Road sort of swings, and hopefully it’s easy to listen to and will put a smile on some folks’ faces. I try to think of titles or lines that’ll cross my mind and I’ll put ’em in my phone, and this was one that I wanted to write for a while – the title ‘Body Like a Back Road’ or use it as a lyric, do something with it. I didn’t have a melody, but one night this melody got stuck in my head and the phrase ‘Body Like a Back Road’ sang perfectly to it and the chorus came out pretty quick.”

Release Date: February 2, 2017

Songwriter/s: Sam Hunt – Zach Crowell – Shane McAnally – Josh Osborne

Label: MCA Nashville

Chart Rankings: In the US, topped the Hot Country Songs and the Country Airplay Charts breaking a 55 year old record for the song ‘Walk On By’ by Leroy Van Dyke with 20 weeks at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. It peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified Triple Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for sales over 1.5 million copies. In Canada, the song also topped the Country Charts and peaked at number 17 on the Canadian Hot 100 charts, it was certified Triple Platinum by Music Canada. In Australia it peaked at number 9 and in Czech Republic it reached number 77 on the Official charts.

Artist’s age on Release Date: Sam Lowry Hunt was 32 years old when he released this song.

Cover Versions: Rajiv Dhall – Talia Marinez – Dan & Shay – Scott Porter – Other amateur artists covered this song on Youtube.

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