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All About Tonight

Pixie Lott

Album Young Foolish Happy

When you’re trying to write an upbeat pop song, you might just end up writing a chart topper. Co-writer Tebey Ottoh explained how this number 1 tune came about: “I wrote the verse and started on the chorus, but I wasn’t really loving it; I didn’t think it was as strong as it should be. I called my friend Tommy Lee James, who’s my main co-writer. He just happened to be in Los Angeles so I had him come by the studio and we wrote the rest of the song together after redoing the chorus. We weren’t trying to write for her [Pixie Lott], we just wanted to write a great, upbeat pop song and it just so happened that it was what they were looking for in the next stage of her career, which is to try and break her in America. But the song can definitely work in the U.K. as well. The song was sent to A&R executives Jamie Nelson and Joe Kentish at Mercury Records, who showed immediate interest in it.”

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Release Date

2nd September 2011


Pixie Lott, Tebey Ottoh , Brian Kidd & Tommy Lee James


Brian Kidd



Chart Rankings

All About Tonight’ topped the UK Official Charts and was certified Gold by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) for sales over 400.000 copies. The song topped the charts in Scotland, peaked at number 9 in Ireland, at number 11 in Belgium, and reached number 4 in Japan. The song did not reach the US charts.

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