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Adore You


Album For All We Know

NAO (real name Neo Jessica Joshua) is a British singer-songwriter from East London, and has worked with other artists such as Mura Masa and Stormzy. She has also played at Glastonbury Festival in 2015, and been nominated for both a Brit Award and a MOBO Award.

“Adore You” is the seventh track off of NAO’s 2016 album “For All We Know”. The upbeat funky track also features R&B duo Abhi Dijon singing the background vocals and the post-chorus. The lyrics tell the story of a new relationship and the waiting period before it. “My mind’s awake all night daydreaming – when will you be mine?”, as well as the usual clich├ęs of the physical feelings you experience when you are into someone, such as a fast heart, unable to sleep and even change in voice. The chorus consists of NAO coming to the terms that she really does adore the new person she is falling for, and wants this person to know that she loves them. She also addresses how this new person is her “addiction”, is “contagious” and an “obsession” to her, constantly keeping her up all night with her unable to sleep.

NAO’s incredibly soulful and mellow vocals work with the upbeat yet soothing beat and melody of the track, making it a new-age love song with beautifully soppy lyrics, yet an incredible happy beat that gets stuck in the brain hours after its been played.

There is currently no music video for the track.

Release Date: 29th July 2016

Songwriter/s: Dijon, Abhirath Bharath Raju, NAO, Rowan Perkins

Label/s: Little Tokyo Recordings, RCA

Genre/s: Soul, Funk, Electronic-funk

Album: For All We Know (2016)

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