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3 Daqat (3 Heartbeats)

Abu ft. Yousra

Album 3 Daqat (Single)

“3 Daqat” (“Three Heartbeats”) is an Egyptian soft-rock song by Egyptian singer, songwriter and musician Abu. The track features Yousra, an infamous and well loved Egyptian actress and singer.

“3 Daqat” was written by Abu and Tamer Habib, with production done by Old Metro Production. The track is a beautiful love ballad where both Abu and Yousra gush about the love they feel, using poetic phrases such as “When I really saw her, my heart gave out 3 beats, a drums-like song, travelling to my head, stirring my thoughts”. The track also discusses how heartbreak will eventually come to pass and how they had to struggle with their heart and their head, trying to decide what is right.

The music video for “3 Daqat” was released on the 12th October 2017 on Abu’s official YouTube channel. Directed by Maryam Abu-Of, the video shows a young man on a boat where he spots a woman sunbathing and swims out to her – for her to only dance with another man. Families are shown heading to the beach, and Yousra appears on a stage at a beach bar towards the end of the video. As of July 2020, the video has 570 million views with over 2.5 million likes.

Release Date: 12th October 2017

Songwriter/s: Tamer Habib & Abu

Producer/s: Old Metro Production

Label: Abu Music

Music Video Release Date: 12th

Music Video Director: Maryam Abu-Of

Chart Rankings: “3 Daqat” hit #1 in Lebanon in January of 2018.

The English lyrics to “3 Daqat” can be read here: LINK

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