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“1999” is a collaboration between pop’s young stars British singer songwriter Charli XCX and Australian singer Troye Sivan. The track doesn’t have much a serious or deep meaning, but simply is the duo talking about how they miss the 90’s and the carefree ways of that time, making references to having no phone, singing Michael Jackson and reminding everyone of how it was done back then.

The music video was released on the 11th October 2018, and Charli XCX has creative input and also directed the video alongside Ryan Staake. It features Sivan and Charli XCX in various homages to 1990’s pop culture, including XCX dressed as Steve Jobs, Sivan dressed as Justin Timberlake, and the duo re-enacting the famous ship scene from the Titanic film. It also makes reference to video games such as “The Sims” and lots of re-enactments of the 90’s most famous music videos. As of November 2018, it has over 12 million views.

Release Date: 5th October 2018

Songwriter/s: Charli XCX, Troye Sivan, Leland, Oscar Holter, Noonie Bao

Producer/s: Oscar Holter

Album: XCX3 (2019)

Label/s: Atlantic Records, Asylum Records UK

Music Video Release Date: 11th October 2018

Music Video Director: Ryan Staake, Charli XCX

Chart Rankings: #23 in Austalia, #35 in Belgium, #83 in Greece, #40 Hungary, #28 in Ireland, #9 in Israel, #10 in New Zealand, #54 in Scotland, #96 in South Korea, #15 in Sweden and #17 in the UK Singles chart.

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