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Sunday Chart Updates

Sunday Chart Update: w/c 15th – 19th February

Written by infostoryofsong

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We’re back again! It’s time for our weekly chart update using Spotify’s UK Top 50 Chart, featuring some of the best and top songs on the chart right now, with a little insight into the track. For the third time so far…

What are the charts looking like this week?

  1. driver’s license – Olivia Rodrigo*
  2. Calling My Phone – Lil Tjay, 6LACk
  4. The Business – Tiësto*
  5. Don’t Play – Anne-Marie, KSI, Digital Farm Animals*
  6. Look – Switch x J9
  7. Friday (feat. Mufasa & Hypeman) – Dopamine Re-Edit – Dopamine, Mufasa & Hypeman, Nightcrawlers, Riton
  8. Blinding Lights – The Weeknd*
  9.  Paradise (feat. Dermot Kennedy)*
  10. Head & Heart (feat. MNEK) – Joel Corry, MNEK
  11. Save Your Tears – The Weeknd
  12. Latest Trends – A1 x J1
  13. Wellerman – Sea Shanty / 220 KID x Billie Ted Remix – 220 KID, Billen Ted, Nathan Evans
  14. Streets – Doja Cat
  15. Whoopty – CJ*

*Tracks with an asterisk have already been covered – click the name to read the song’s story.

“Calling My Phone” – Lil Tjay, 6LACK (currently at #2)

“Calling My Phone” was released on the 12th February 2021 by American rappers Lil Tjay and 6LACK. The rap song managed to reach #1 on both the Apple Music and Spotify charts, and sees the singers reflecting on past relationships and coming to terms with a toxic relationship. The music video was directed by Cam Busby, and shows the rappers going through different situations and environments while trying to overcome their sadness about their past relationships. Watch the video here.

“Look” – Switch x J9 –(currently at #6)

This track was originally titled “Time”, and was uploaded to Spotify under the British pop group JLS, leading to avid JLS fans thinking that the group had decided to release a new grime track. Turns out, it had simply been uploaded under the wrong artist name, and was actually by London based rappers Switch x J9, who not much is known about. Check out the music video here.

“Friday (feat. Mufasa & Hypeman) – Dopamine Re-Edit – Dopamine, Mufasa & Hypeman, Nightcrawlers, Riton (currently at #7)

“Friday” was a originally by Riton, featuring only Nightcrawlers, Mufasa and Hypeman, with Dopamine remixing and re-editing the song. Released on the 15th January 202, the song is an upbeat house track featuring the lyrics “it’s Friday then, then Saturday, Sunday, what?” repeated over and over, remixed with Pitbull’s  iconic mid-2000s song “Hotel Room”. The lyric video of the Dopamine’s Re-Edit can be found on producer Riton’s YouTube channel here.  

 “Wellerman – Sea Shanty” – 220 KID x Billie Ted Remix – 220 KID, Billen Ted, Nathan Evans (currently at #13)

Ending this week’s roundup with yet another song that has reached the charts thanks to the infamous video app TikTok. The song originally from New Zealand, refering to wellerman (supply ships that were owned by the Weller Brothers, an English pair of brothers who became New Zealand’s most substanisal merchant traders of the 1830’s) crashing and at sea. Thanks to Scottish musician Nathan Evans remixing the sea shanty and releasing it to the world in January 2021, the song shot to fame on TikTok and even got to #1 on the UK Singles charts not long after its release. Watch the lyric video for the remix here.

That’s all for this week – we’ll see you back here next Sunday for another roundup of some the upcoming week’s best tracks.

Written by infostoryofsong

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