Fight the Power

“Fight the Power” is the twentieth track from American hip-hop group Public Enemy’s third studio album “Fear of a Black Planet”, released in 1990. “Fight the Power” comes from director Spike Lee approaching Public Enemy and asking them to create a song for one of his upcoming films: “Do the Right Thing”. The track was […]

Daydreamin’ ft. Jill Scott

“Daydreamin’” from Lupe Fiasco’s (real name Wasalu Muhammad Jaco) 2006 album “Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor”. The track also features vocals from soul sing Jill Scott. The song is based on a sample from I Monster’s “Daydream in Blue”, which also samples “Daydream: by Gunter Kallmann Choir (which in turn is a cover, with the […]

U Can’t Touch This

“U Can’t Touch This” is considered to be MC Hammer’s signature song and most successful single. It is the second track from his 1990 album “Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em”. MC Hammer (real name Stanley Burrell) shares song writing credits with Rick James as the track samples the opening riff of James’ infamous “Super Freak”. […]

Get Low

“Get Low” is the nineteenth track off of Lil Jon & The East Size Boyz 2002 album “Kings of Crunk”, featuring hip-hop duo the Ying Yang Twins. “Get Low” is known for being the breakthrough track for the genre of crunk music, which was a sub-genre of hip-hop that emerged in the in the early […]

La Di Da Di

“La Di Da Di” is considered to be one of the most influential rap songs of all time, paving the way for the future of story-telling rap. According to a TED Talk, “La Di Da Di” has been sampled or referenced in over 500 different songs since its release, by Miley Cyrus, Ini Kamoze, Will […]

California Love (Remix) ft. Dr. Dre

“California Love (Remix)” is American rapper and producer Dr. Dre’s remix of rapper 2Pac’s original track “California Love”. It is the last track on 2Pac’s 1996 album “All Eyez on Me”. The track features 2Pac and Dr. Dre rapping about aspects of California life, with Roger Troutman singing the chorus using a talkbox, which produces […]

Dear Mama

“Dear Mama” is deemed to be the best of its genre, created by infamous hip-hop artist 2Pac in 1995. It is a tribute to his mother and the lead single from his third studio album: “Me Against the World”. In “Dear Mama”, 2Pac discusses his childhood poverty and his mother’s addiction to crack cocaine, but […]


“O.P.P.” is the lead single by American rap group “Naughty by Nature” from their self-titled second studio album released in 1991. The track was written by all members of Naughty by Nature: Vincent Brown, Anthony Criss and Keir Gist, and discuss sexual infidelity, with O.P.P. referring to “other people’s property”, euphemistically meaning their genitalia. The […]

Mississippi Goddam

“Mississippi Goddam” is one of iconic jazz musician’s Nina Simone’s most controversial tracks, due to Simone labelling the song as her “first civil rights song”. From her 1964 album “Nina Simone in Concert”, “Mississippi Goddam” was written and composed solely by Simone in under an hour, live at Carnegie Hall. The song captures Simone’s response […]


“Shrike” is the eighth track from Irish artist Hozier’s 2019 album “Wasteland, Baby!”. It is a track based on heartbreak, using the Shrike bird as a metaphor for strength after arising from a relationship. The track insinuates that the relationship Hozier discusses was an abusive and toxic one, that has been lost. On the 10th […]